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January 15, 2017

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Into the Garden this Summer!

February 14, 2017

As a nation we all love spending time in our gardens.  But before we rush off to get those overdue gardening jobs done this summer, here are a few tips from EDCHIRO to avoid injury.

1.  Warm up:  We may not realise but gardening is the same as any other physical activity, and just like other forms of exercise, its important to warm up.  Start with lighter jobs and build up to heavier jobs to reduce the risk of injury.

2.  Ladder Use:  When on step ladders, make sure you are facing youre work, this will prevent uneccessary twisting forces which can lead to neck or back pain.  Make sure you move your ladder regularly to avoid overstretching as this can cause injury to the low back and the shoulders.

3.  Pruning work:  Make sure you are close to the area you are pruning to avoid overstretching, this increases the risk of injury to the shoulders, elbows and wrists.  Make sure to use a ladder or long handle secateurs for hard to reach areas.


"Slipped Discs"

1st May 2017

1.  What is a "slipped disc"

This is a question I get frequently asked here at EDCHIRO.  Contrary to popular belief, disc don't actually slip.  Slipped discs are more  properly called prolapsed discs.

The discs are fluid filled shock absorbing pads that sit between the vertebrae of the spine.  Sometimes the outer fibres of the disc can become damaged, this can result in tearing, causing the fluid to leak out, resulting in inflammation.

2.  Why is it so Painful?

The Inflammation resulting from a prolapsed disc can cause pressure on one of the spinal nerves.  This results in pain commonly found in the low back, buttocks and sometimes down the leg.  Patients can also sometimes experience weakness, numbness and pins and needles.

3.  What Causes it?

Here at EDCHIRO I see many patients presenting with disc problems.  The causes differ from patient to patient.  It can be due to some sort of trauma, such as a road traffic accident, or a lifting or twisting injury.  On many occasions however it can be as a result of a long standing back condition, and a simple movement can set it off. 

4.  Can Chiropractic Help?

Here at EDCHIRO a full consultation will determine the root cause of the prolapse.  Chiropractic has been found to be an extremely effective form of treatment for prolapse disc.  Here at EDCHIRO I use a combination of mobilisation and stretches to relieve pressure from the disc together with western acupuncture and home exercises to help reduce pain and inflammation.

5. Will I need Surgery?

Here at EDCHIRO I treat many patients with prolapse disc, and they generally respond very well.  In most cases patients with prolapse discs do not require surgery.  There are however some exceptions and depending on examination findings, and response to treatment, for some patients surgery is a more appropriate route.  In these instances appropriate and timely referral will be made.

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